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Online Program Change
This online program allows students to complete the following:
  1. Non CLAS students may change from their current UConn schools/colleges into a major in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS).
  2. CLAS students may change from one CLAS major into a different CLAS major.
  3. All UConn students may declare most minors at the University. To declare a minor, students' majors do not need to be in the school/college that offers the minor. For example, a CLAS major can declare a minor offered by the School of Engineering.
If you find the major or minor you want to declare is not a choice in this system, contact the department offering the major or minor; or the CLAS Academic Services Center located at 423 Whitney Rd., across the street from the Dodd Center.
NOTE: This program does not allow students to declare double majors or additional degrees. To apply for either of those changes, please visit the CLAS Academic Services Center for the appropriate forms.




*Your NetID is in the form "abc00000" where abc is your initials and the 0s are numbers.
If you have forgotten your NetID or password, please go to

If you have any problems with the system or questions regarding the process contact the Academic Services Center at 860-486-2822 or by email at